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Good Morning All – from a drizzly Waterloo. Bob and the Bobettes are the last ones in the house enjoying coffee and reliving last night. Tracey has joined the Bobettes for the day – everyone should experience RAGBRAI Bob style.

Looks like there will be rain drops during the morning ride – so the others are off in their rain gear to begin their adventure. The group is wondering if there will be more pudding and spoons handed out today as they are riding – that provided a great laugh for most who couldn’t quite figure out how to ride and eat pudding at the same time. The upside was it was the fuel they needed to finish the day – thank Hudson!

We have been having a blast here in Waterloo – our hosts have gone over the top – inside sleeping for many if wanted, great brats when we arrived, snacks-snacks and more snacks, beer, bloody mary’s – top notch bloody mary’s, showers and towels, laundry, and coffee! To quote our host mi casa is su casa and that was the case!!!!

More from Manchester later…..


Hey Jude – a Beatles tribute band got the party started – Denny had the bic lighter of 2010….a download app of an actual bic lighter most of the crowd used their cell phone as their bic! We had so much fun singing and dancing – Joan found a dance partner to twirl her round and round and round!

Ryan was easily persuaded to extend the shuttle service one more hour for Bob and the Bobettes (Joan, Cindy, Kathy and Clare) who were enjoying KISS from the front row! My ears are still ringing – does that mean I am getting old….Joan has a new tick her tongue keeps sticking out – like Gene Simmons

En route to camp we were forced to take make a detour to a local establishment and watch a beer pong tournament. After watching for a minute or two I was brave and thought hey could I try to throw this ping pong ball into a cup at the far end of the table – I was one and done – the old south paw hasn’t lost the touch the ball landed smack dab in the center of the cup – no rim! Are you ready for this our Bob made “a good choice” and decided it was time to head home. The Bobettes are working on the good choice model…needless to say fun was had by all!!!

Who rode the mechanical bull?

Charles City proved to be a fun stop. On the way to Charles City, rumor has it that Bob stopped to ride an elephant, but he missed riding the pond swing. You might have heard that some rambunctious riders enjoyed the pond too much. By the time Bob arrived, the pond was closed.

While Bob was making his way into town, many of the riders ventured downtown to see what Charles City had to offer. Imagine Team SAU’s excitement as they discovered there was a mechanical bull. Since Bob wasn’t around, Julie Weckel and Deb Duley, both SAU employees, decided to give the bull a try. They did amazingly well and stayed on the bull until their time was up. (Deb gets extra credit for riding the bull while wearing a skort.)

Our host Dave willingly accommodated our team of 23 riders. Thirteen new daily riders joined the team on Wednesday to ride the remainder of RAGBRAI. Dave heard the riders talk about making an early start, but he didn’t realize that would mean 5 a.m.

And guess who was up at 5? Bob! He heard Angie unlocking the truck and got up to ask her where his sleeping bag was. Again, Bob inadvertently had an adventure — sleeping in 50-something degree weather with no sleeping bag or blanket. Dave’s neighbor, Andrea, let us use her clothesline to hang our wet gear. By the time Bob found his sleeping bag hanging on the line at 5 a.m., it was wet again. Nothing can separate Bob from his sleep. He put on a jacket and went back to bed.

A big thanks to Dave. As a RAGBRAI volunteer, he was very helpful in giving everyone directions to the start of the rider and the support vehicle routes.

Today, we arrived in Waterloo at Craig and Karen’s house. Craig and Karen had snacks and accommodations ready for the team. The team was relieved to hear that there was indoor sleeping space available, as there’s a chance for rain. Clare and Ryan from the Advancement Office arrived to switch places with Julie and Angie. They’ll provide support for Team SAU until RAGBRAI ends. By 6:30 all of the riders made it to Waterloo after the longest daily ride on this year’s RAGBRAI route — 82 miles.

Watch for photos in tomorrow’s blog!

Team SAU's Seven Week-long Riders

120 miles, Coe College, and a thunderstorm. . .oh, my!

Yes, Team SAU is still going! We didn’t have wireless access yesterday. Here’s our latest update:

Kevin and Brian didn’t complete the 100-mile challenge, but Mike did the extra 20-mile loop TWICE! He wanted two patches to show he’d done the loop because he didn’t get one last year. So, he completed the loop twice for a total ride of 120 miles in one day, and he still beat Bob into our host house.

A big thank you to our Monday hosts, Dan and Mary. They let us all use their shower — much appreciated by hot, tired riders! Mary made awesome homemade pizza for snacks and provided cold water and lemonade. For breakfast they had fruit, bagels and pastries. Thank you again, Dan and Mary for letting Team SAU stay at your beautiful home and being so hospitable. Great hosts really add a special touch to Team SAU’s experience.

Deb and Carrie, our newBEEs, enjoyed their first two days of RAGBRAI and created a new game. They are trying to talk to a person from each state. Imagine, Carrie wanting to talk to someone from each state!

Monday evening while the team was enjoying the Vic Ferrari Band (where Bob, Deb and Carrie stood in the front row), Brian received a text from the Coe College team. Their support truck broke down and they asked if we could transport their supplies to Clear Lake on Tuesday. Of course, one of Team SAU’s mottos is “BEE kind”. So we agreed. Just when we didn’t think our truck could hold more, Coe College loaded about 20 more tubs into Team SAU’s moving truck and filled the van with more supplies.

Once we dropped Coe’s supplies at their host house, we traveled to Opportunity Village, our host for the evening. Steve arrived first again on Tuesday. And, no surprise, Bob left last. We see a trend developing. Opportunity Village, a handicapped development center, offered us the use of their pool. Guess who was the only one to use the pool? You guessed, Bob! He doesn’t miss a chance to experience everything RAGBRAI has to offer.

Tuesday was the most difficult riding day so far, even though the ride was shorter. Temperatures were in the 90s and there was a strong head wind. Deb and Carrie were glad that day one wasn’t like this.

Rita, Carol and Debbie joined our group on Tuesday, just in time for a thunderstorm. We’d heard predictions for rain, and sure enough, the rain came just after one in the morning. Around two, the rain turned into a thunderstorm with lots of lightning and thunder. Carrie, not a camper, was afraid that we were going to die; while Deb, a more seasoned camper, woke up and went back to sleep.

This morning, those of us who experienced the thunderstorm last year were having flashbacks as we packed wet tents and bedding. Julie and Angie unloaded all of the wet stuff at Dave’s house. Today’s he’s our host in Charles City. Dave’s serving as a volunteer giving directions to support vehicles as they come into town. We appreciate Dave’s willingness to house Team SAU, as 13 more riders will join us tonight for a total of 23 riders.

Steve’s in first again

The early birds on the team were up before 6:30 a.m. Amazingly, Bob made an appearance before 7 because he still had his watch alarm set for work time. He actually left with the other guys on the team at around 8. Bob’s goal for this year is to get the others on the team to follow his schedule — seems like it might be working. Instead of riding off super bright and early, the team chatted with our host Neil and relaxed. Deb and Carrie left last; they’re enjoying the entire RAGBRAI experience and weren’t in any hurry.

Steve arrived a short while ago and proved that it pays to be early. We’re staying at Dan and Mary’s in Algona. They’re hosting several people and are offering showers as long as they have hot water, so Steve avoided the public showers.

Julie and Angie found pie at a church just a few blocks from our host house. Finally, we were able to enjoy some of the delicious homemade goodness that the riders find along the route. And, we found out that the shade tent acts like a huge kite when you try to put it up in windy weather. After yesterday’s Tent Pitching 101, we decided it was best to put the shade tent away. Julie did get a new tent this morning and will try putting it up once the dark gray clouds disappear.

Check back later to see if Mike, Kevin and Brian decided to take the 100-mile challenge today.